Yesterday was Sunday. Sunday morning I ate some sort of fiber oatmeal and drank some almond milk. It was a pretty great breakfast, and I didn’t have to work so early as before. So I just listened to some music and was on my tumblr the rest of the time before work. 

I went to work today, and the one reoccuring thing that I noticed was that people were being just generally grumpy. It was frustrating, because I am nice to all my coworkers, and super friendly to the customers. The thing that I know is that the customers can tell when someone is not having their day or is grumpy, and when they leave the store they end up feeling like that as well. Anyways, I had 2 Samosas for lunch which was glorious. 

I came home in the evening after my 8 hour shift and my mom and my sister where watching video tapes of my sister and I in past recitals and performances. We were watching a couple of videos that were shot at camps that we were in. At one camp which I totally forgot about was some acting camp that a friend and I took, which was really interesting to see. I took a couple of pictures of my sister in her teacup costume from the play Beauty and the Beast that the camp did.

My sister and I begged my mom to put on some video from when were little. That was pretty cute to watch. But I realized that I was a damn annoying child, and my sister was the cute albino kid. 

I went to bed pretty late so I didn’t write my blog post because I was too exhausted.